Resources: Sugar Reduction

The trend of reducing sugar spans regions, and so does our research. Find new information and ideas
on reformulation and meeting consumer demand.

Sugar Reduction: Formulating for Success

Europe | 2018
Our collection of short sugar reduction videos spans applications and categories. You'll also find information on relevant industry events, such as the impact of sugar taxes and labelling requirements.

Sugar: From Reduction and Formulation to Taxes and Labeling

Global | 2018
This webinar on formulating products with reduced sugar was recorded for a global audience. Insights on bakery, dairy, prepared meals and more are provided by members of the Kerry nutrition and research and development teams. 

Sugar and Today’s Consumer

Asia, Pacific, Middle East & Africa | 2018
Kerry spoke to 300 consumers across the Middle East and Turkey to understand their attitudes towards sugar and how this affects their purchasing decisions.

Reducing Sugar in Your Beverage Offerings

North America | 2017
This report focuses on sugar reduction as it relates to beverage and foodservice as well as consumer perception of alternative sweeteners.