Food Protection and Fermentation

We specialise in natural shelf life solutions. Explore our existing products or partner
with us for a tailored formulation.

Why natural shelf life solutions?

Keep food and beverages safe and free from spoilage while retaining great taste and delivering a cleaner label.

When you choose our naturally derived fermented ingredients, you choose:

  • Removal of artificial preservatives and E numbers
  • Experienced technical support teams
  • Traceable, high quality raw materials
  • Truth in labelling and origin
  • Consistent functionality
  • Fermentation expertise and supply chain mitigation
  • Defined processing and more concentrated products
  • Clear, transparently labelled ingredients
  • A 50-year legacy of creating natural, fermentation-derived ingredients


See how natural shelf life solutions can enhance:

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Food Protection and Fermentation Solutions:
3 benefits to consider

Consumer Appeal

Fermented ingredients and flavours are recognised as natural and appreciated by consumers for their consistent quality and clean labels.


Our naturally derived functional ingredients have a 50-year history of being made from superior raw materials and minimal processing.

Shelf Life

Our natural ingredients maintain fresh taste and enhance shelf life, improving sustainability while reducing food waste.

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