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Beyond flavour

Worldwide, appealing taste is the primary characteristic consumers look for in foods and beverages. But there’s no universal agreement on what defines good taste—for some it’s a certain flavour, for others it’s a sensation of novelty or nostalgia. Because taste is an essential, but elusive, target, we offer thousands of flavours, extracts, broths, oils and other taste products to help you deliver a memorable and enjoyable taste to consumers with different preferences.

Our taste-specific solutions work alone or in tandem with other offerings, including those designed to enhance the nutrition or texture of a final application.

Taste from food, for food

Our rich food heritage and taste expertise allow us to meet consumer demand for clean, natural and delicious products. Our chefs and scientists search the world for new flavours and study how natural ingredients and timeless cooking processes create good taste. This curiosity and expertise has helped us develop an extensive library of taste products from food, and declared as food, which deliver the great taste consumers expect while also allowing for clean labels. Our taste products include extracts, stocks, infused oils and true-to-fruit powders.

Kerry's Taste Product Range

Our extensive portfolio of taste solutions includes unique technologies derived from our sourcing, fermentation, extraction and flavour expertise.  

Natural Extracts and Distillates

Sustainably sourced ingredients go into Simply Nature™, our product line of extracts and distillates.


Our flavour library includes a spectrum of taste solutions, from ripened strawberry for a beverage to seared beef for a prepared meal.  

Culinary Foundations

Our Authentic Savoury™ line captures the taste of home cooking and grilling in natural stocks, reductions, demi-glazes and more.

Taste Modulation

Products in our TasteSense™ range allow you to reduce sugar, salt and fat while retaining taste, mouthfeel and texture.

Going beyond flavour across applications

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Kerry goes beyond flavour to offer holistic taste solutions

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