Culinary Foundations

Good flavours and ingredients are essential for creating a memorable food experience.
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Taste you can feel good about

Tastes are nostalgic. Everyone has their own definition of what tastes great and their own favourite taste experiences. They remember the tastes, sights, smells and sounds that they associate with enjoyable meals. Perhaps they seek the indulgence of fine dining, the succulence of slow-cooked meats or the comfort of a childhood favourite.

Companies need to associate themselves with those memories. Home cooking, slow roasting, smoking and grilling are key in creating those signature, authentic tastes. We challenge our teams to find new ways to lead our customers to better by bringing those memories to life.

We deliver taste through the use and knowledge of time-honoured ingredients, techniques and methods:

Stocks, broths and bouillons deliver classic taste

At Kerry, we use traditional cooking techniques to create the culinary tools that empower our customers to deliver wholesome, authentic taste. By combining the science of taste with the passion of the kitchen, we can partner to ensure your products embody the character and taste of home cooking.

Our product range of wet and dry stocks, broths and bouillons include: 
fish and seafood • meat • poultry • vegetable 

Reductions create wholesome intensity

Kerry’s reductions are a great solution to deliver intensified flavour through the classic culinary technique of reducing wholesome, trustworthy ingredients. Our reductions deliver a variety of enhanced taste notes, ranging from fresh to meaty. They are label-friendly and simple to incorporate into existing operations.

Our reductions product range includes: 
meat • poultry • vegetable

Natural smoke condensates and grill flavours provides a fresh-from-the-grill taste

Natural smoke condensates and grill flavours help our customers create authentic and delicious taste. They provide a cost-effective solution that promotes sustainability and delivers greater product consistency, better yields and enhanced visual appeal.

Our smoke product range includes: 
water soluble • brine soluble • aqueous • oil • dry  grill flavours

Cooking cues embed signature flavours

Food takes its taste identity from the way it is cooked. When we burn, char, grill, smoke and fry foods, we create unique flavours. Recreating those is key to developing signature, identifiable products. These cues, although subtle, make all the difference in a complete dish or product.

Our signature flavours product range includes: 
oven roasted • pan dripping • fried • sautéed -roast • burnt • browned • melted • pickled • fermented