Taste Modulation

For optimal taste and nutrition, partner with our experts to find quick and delicious solutions when
formulating or reformulating products.

Keeping pace with changing tastes

Consumers are demanding trusted and recognised ingredient declarations with less salt, sugar and fat.

The difficulty is in taking these elements out without changing the balance of the rest of the product. Any adjustment can alter the mouthfeel, texture or sweetness of a product.

Kerry has a complete product range that has been formulated to address the full gambit of taste modulation challenges. Our taste modulation solutions are designed to create foods that are naturally better. We seek to build goodness in, rather than strip undesirables out.

Same taste, better for you

In our kitchens and labs, we’re focused on delivering products that taste great and come with the nutrition consumers crave.

As leaders in food and beverage reformulation, we have an unmatched understanding of how ingredients interact. This knowledge allows us to produce better-for-you and free-from products with the tastes and textures consumers love.

Through intelligent food design, our TasteSense line of products uses natural flavours and unique processes to generate nutritious products with fewer unwanted ingredients. With this focus on taste and nutrition—from formulation to production—our TasteSense line will help you meet consumer demand.

TasteSense: A natural solution

When you add our TasteSense portfolio of solutions to your new or existing food and beverage products, you’ll deliver the taste and nutrition consumers expect. You’ll also give them the label information they want: less salt, sugar or fat with only the addition of natural flavouring.

TasteSense solutions can ensure:
  • Sweetness perception is maintained when sugar is reduced
  • Salt perception is maintained when sodium is reduced
  • Creaminess and mouthfeel are maintained when fat is reduced
  • Off-notes are masked
  • Clean label goals are met