Food and beverage manufacturers are nutritionally optimising products in their portfolios.
TasteSense solves common challenges, creating the right taste for better nutrition.

Meeting consumer demand

Consumers want healthier food and beverage options, but reformulation can negatively impact taste.

Our TasteSense portfolio can help you build in taste and nutrition across a range of applications while delivering labelling as a natural flavouring.

Better for you, naturally

Our taste modulation team will help you remove undesirable ingredients from your products, replacing them with healthier options that preserve aroma, flavour and texture.

TasteSense Sweet:
Across categories, TasteSense Sweet allows you to reduce sugar by up to 30% while maintaining the structure, texture, taste and overall mouthfeel sugar brings to products. Our portfolio interacts with the taste receptors of the mouth, modifying taste perception.

TasteSense Salt:
Our fermentation, extraction and cooking expertise allows us to improve overall taste perception and reduce salt by up to 50% with TasteSense Salt. This portfolio is composed of products that deliver on salt and umami intensity.

TasteSense Masking:
TasteSense Masking can be applied when high intensity sweeteners, functional actives, vitamins, minerals and plant proteins are present in a product. It masks off-notes associated with these and other undesired profiles such as bitterness and astringency.

TasteSense Mouthfeel:
TasteSense Mouthfeel works across categories to bring back perception of mouthfeel in fat-reduced or reformulated products. The offering is based on a scientific approach that integrates rheology, tribology, flavour chemistry and sensory evaluation.